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  1. A weblog or blog is a personal diary - your blog is whatever you want it to be.
  2. Weblogs are easy to setup and administrate in contrast to other technologies.
  3. No special blogging software is needed to create a weblog.
  4. Weblogs makes easier to publish all types of resources (text, images, video, etc.) to the Web when compared to traditional web publishing.
  5. Weblogs have the ability to reach a large audience without losing information quality and allowing for different levels of detail.


  1. Weblogs or blog written by instructors are mainly used as an additional communication channel to share information with students.
  2. Instructor weblogs usually contain course content, course management information, general commentary to all students about their learning progress, etc.
  3. Weblogs written by students are basically learning weblogs or project weblogs.
  4. A learning weblog is a learning diary, created concurrently with the learning experience, and reporting on the learning content as wells as the process.
  5. A project weblog, often authored by a team of students, documents the project progress and findings.

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