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  1. Elluminate can be used in conjunction with a telephone conference call or, when available, the Voice over IP function (VoIP).
  2. It provides web, audio, video, and social networking solutions optimized for education and training.
  3. It allows two-way audio, multipoint video, and shared whiteboards
  4. It enables communication, collaboration, and education that transforms teaching and learning.


  1. With Elluminate, you can create asynchronous content using its interactive record and playback functionality.
  2. In addition, students can view interactive recordings of your classes if they’ve missed a session or just to reinforce learning.
  3. It offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one to get questions answered or receive help with homework or other assignments.
  4. With Elluminate, you can easily host effective meetings, reducing teleconferencing and travel costs.
  5. It enables you to bring in remote experts to the classroom or send students on a virtual field trip.

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