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  1. Facebook is a social networking platform.
  2. It connects students with other students, indirectly creating a learning community.
  3. It increases both teacher-student and student-student interaction in the form of web-based communication.
  4. It helps instructors connect with their students about assignments, upcoming events, useful links, and samples of work outside of the classroom.
  5. Students can use Facebook to contact classmates about questions regarding class assignments and collaborate on assignments or group projects in an online environment.


  1. Facebook allows developers to create web applications that integrate with Facebook’s social network and are delivered via the Facebook web site.
  2. Applications run on the developer’s server, and any data unique to the application is stored on the developer’s database.
  3. Although running on an independent server, Facebook applications can query Facebook data in order to take advantage of Facebook’s existing social network.
  4. Facebook users can browse available applications and enable the ones they wish to use, granting them permission to access a subset of their account data.

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