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  1. Wikis permit asynchronous communication and group collaboration across the Internet.
  2. Wikis provide users with both author and editor privileges; the overall organization of contributions can be edited as well as the content itself.
  3. Wikis are able to incorporate sounds, movies, and pictures; they may prove to be a simple tool to create multimedia presentations and simple digital stories.
  4. In short, a wiki is a web communication and collaboration tool that can be used to engage students in learning with others within a collaborative environment.


  1. Students can use a wiki to develop research projects, with the wiki serving as ongoing documentation of their work.
  2. Students can add summaries of their thoughts from the prescribed readings, building a collaborative annotated bibliography on a wiki.
  3. A wiki can be used for publishing course resources like syllabi and handouts, and students can edit and comment on these directly for all to see.
  4. Teachers can use wikis as a knowledge base, enabling them to share reflections and thoughts regarding teaching practices, and allowing for versioning and documentation.
  5. Wiki-enabled projects can provide various levels of site access and control to team members, offering a fine-tuning element that enhances the teaching and learning experience.

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